Why Should You Track Calls?

Understand where all your inbound call leads come from.

Get information such as call length and call recordings to understand more about how your sales team are working.

Capture unanswered calls so every prospect can be called back.

Collect caller names and addresses for future promotions .

Track all advertising ROI for both online and offline campaigns.

Key Feature of Call Tracking

Get reliable server and 99.99% uptime

Customized reports show you everything that matters in real time

Access to callers' name, number and location info

Route calls to landlines or mobile phones

Lifetime digital call recording for free

Check the complete caller history including call duration

When do you use it?

A significant portion of your sales are made via inbound telephone calls

You want to track which advertising campaigns are generating more telephone activity or sales, so you can adjust your ad spending and strategy accordingly

What type of advertising campaigns can be tracked?

Both off-line and online advertising campaigns can be tracked including:

Off-Line Campaigns



Direct Mail

Radio & TV

Online Campaigns






Setup fee

$0.05/ MINUTE


Service fee

$5.00/ MONTH

Dynamic number

Rental fee

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